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Sophos Antivirus developed by Sophos Group plc, an English security software and hardware company, detects and removes malicious software on your computer. Sophos Antivirus protects your Mac and windows computers from the latest viruses from email, network shares, instant messaging, web download etc.

Sophos Antivirus is primarily focused on providing security software to the mid-market from 100 to 5000 Seat organisations. It also protects home users; through a free Sophos Home intended to exhibit product usefulness. Sophos Home offers protection for Mac and PC in your home from malware, viruses, and inappropriate and malicious websites.

Get Assistance with issue you face for Sophos Antivirus, Featuring:

  • Instant malware removal.
  • Protection from advanced exploits.
  • It Stops all forms of ransomware.
  • Root cause analysis shows you where the problem started.

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